Nilmoti was established at 2014 with an enriched reserve of idea, design, performance, and also obtained experience and planned steps for long years. Nilmoti always tries to use up-to-date knowledge and art of fashion. Producing luxury products, gaining modern technology of design, using the best fabrics and the most modern sewing technics and other technical elegances create high quality production for Nilmoti. It could be said that sometimes Nilmoti’s productions have higher quality than well-known global brands’ productions.
The aim of Nilmoti for meeting clients’ needs is as following professional contexts:
– Designing and producing luxury clothes based on taste of Iranian and foreign ladies.
– Designing and producing uniforms based on organizations’ brand identity for governmental and private organizations

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Macan is established for responding to various needs of clients and creating more value for them by taking advantage of advanced and new technologies. Macan creates confidence with composing and performing digital strategies for brands through transferring brand message to the precise audiences. Macan uses the newest and the most effective tools and digital channels in order to create possibility of meeting all firms’ aims for digital activities.
Main services:
– Controlling digital assets
– Creating, improving, and enhancing digital assets
– Writing 360º marketing campaigns
– Writing creative strategy of digital marketing
– Purchasing, planning, and performing digital media
– Online market research
– Monitoring all activities
Key activities:
– Website designing and launching
– Search engine marketing (SEM)
– Search engine optimization (SEO)
– Marketing and managing social networks
– Advertising in social media
– Pay per click (PPC) and banner advertising
– Creating text and visual content
– Email campaigns
– Application and mobile marketing
– Designing and launching competition at social networks

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HOODAD starts-up new businesses in the fields of digital media, IT and mobile phone solutions with high added value, applying R&D projects and venture capitals. Some of HOODAD Main Services:

– Mobile Application
– Software development (websites, web applications, API…)
– IT platform design and maintenance (VoIP, Application server,…)
– Mobile software development (Android, iOS, …)
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MAATEL was established in 2012 to act as an arm to facilitate and satisfy clients’ needs who refer to MAAT with the demand of a service or value added to what could be presented to them in addition to just conventional ads. Some of MAATEL main services and activities are:
– VAS Project planning, VAS plans along 360◦ campaigns and VAS proposals through customer insight analysis
– Brand development via VAS mask SMS/IVR promotions
– Providing clients with both content delivery platform and the content itself
– Interactive and creative SMS/IVR reward programs
– Product promotion via SMS/IVR and gamification feedback mechanics
– Creating loyalty clubs through SMS/IVR forums
– Creating database and CRM backups
– Brand promotion plans through business RBTs
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Houger was established with the purpose of making strong, efficient and long-lasting relationship to the costumers and to gain credibility for its clients. Client experience of cooperating with any organization is an important fact in CRM (client relationship management) nowadays, results proved that client satisfaction that comes from cooperating with any company is just the beginning of forming a long-lasting relationship with that company and making credibility, that Houger has guaranteed the effectiveness of this process.

– Making news reportage for magazines and news agencies
– Making good relationship with the media (including social media)
– Events management (seminar, press conference, festivals, etc.)
– Crisis management
– Field force activities
– BTL (including: Sampling, Brochure, point of sale)
– TTL (including all activities that have overlap between BTL and ATL)
– International public relations

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The aim of ARMANI is to Build beneficial relations between owners of goods, services and brands and owners of works of art in the basis of home view network. Some of ARMANI Main Services:

– Purposeful broadcasting of commercials in home series network
– Full advertising campaigns for movies
– Attract investors and sponsors for movies
– Program production for national TV channels (Android, iOS, …)
– Broadcasting commercials in the cinemas
– Holding out red carpet events for launching movie
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