In advertising context, the main strategy is to find a proper place that can introduce a service or create awareness about it. If ads are prepared with high costs but not presented in the right platform, they won’t be efficient enough. Outdoor advertising (OOH) includes billboard, straboard, stand, urban Televisions, CLBs, Ads on bridges, street furniture and etc. OOH ads are images exposed to the audiences at the right time and place and they can undeniably impress the audiences’ mind. Usually OOH ads are the first messages that a potential customer may receive from the product.

Billboard is one of the oldest and the most important OOH advertising tools. It is also one of the most influential, accessible to a great number of audiences due to its large size and location at strategic places. Moreover, billboards are located at busiest places with lots of viewers; MAAT full-service advertising agency will cover a lot of audiences with more than seven thousand square meters of OOH advertising spaces especially billboards in the most strategic places in Tehran and other provinces.

Billboard advertising is very sensitive because audiences see it per second and pass. Therefore, brand name, message, and images must be obvious, plain, with the least details and with influential images and colors in order to rapidly transfer the main message for high durability in audience’s mind. Hence, it is better to use professionals and consultants for management and planning. These professionals determine the quantity, location and size of billboards by studying the brand, and its audiences by considering the specified budget. They also set the reach and frequency of billboards according to the ongoing situation in order to create the most effectiveness and success for its clients.

Using each of OOH advertising tools will lead to brand introduction, product development, and increasing audiences’ awareness toward product and also increases other advertising method effectiveness. MAAT full-service advertising agency has the ability of providing all of these tools, possessing experienced professionals, the best consultant and OOH advertising executors based on target audiences and marketing goals of each brand. MAAT advertising agency, guarantees the success of the brand in OOH advertising for maximum effectiveness.