Digital Media


Digital media is a platform with the ability of communicating and transferring all the audio, video and picture contexts through digital tools in different ways. Nowadays the first step of entering into the world of digital media is to have an interesting, informative, responsive, interactive and standard. This media can be seen in the form of computer software, internet groups and servers, computer games, mobile apps, different services and digital arts such as computer graphic and digital cinema. In-App Advertising, viral marketing, banner ads, direct mails, click advertising and online market researches, are other techniques being used in this media.

Although lots of people and companies are able to run a website, however an efficient and systematic designing of digital assets such as website, social media plans and etc. needs enough knowledge, experience and specialty. This should be done by professionals in this field to recognize the right target audience and their demands and manage them. After creating a dynamic and attractive website, next step is being active in digital media, producing content and content marketing for the website and consequently the other digital assets of the brand. Content marketing is a strategic approach that is focused on writing and publishing valuable, relevant and integrated contents in order to absorb and retain target audiences.

Maat advertising Agency with the help of IT team and content managers in marketing and digital advertising section whom are aware of all the rules in Iran, will make the brand’s message more effective and appropriate by understanding the needs and demands of the target audience. These professionals will try to satisfy the customers with the least budget by using latest and updated contents, making new connections and links, increase credibility and selling rate of the brand. They will also provide certain identity, credibility and proper position in communication with audience for any brand, integration and assimilation for all the activities.