Point Of Sale

Point of sale is one of the influential advertising method which can be part of branding and advertisement in a specific point or location. It is also known as POP Ads. The goal of these kinds of ads is creating an emotional motivation toward a product in a situation which they have the opportunity of purchasing that specific product straight away from that place. The advertising costs in this method are lower than other methods and it is one of the most affordable tools of advertising.

This method is suitable for the brands which they do not have the permission to promote their products in some Iranian medias such as TV. MAAT advertising agency will help these international brands to promote their products in POS advertising while obeying Islamic republic of Iran rules.

When people go shopping, they will be exposed to various POP products’ads in different shopping malls. Therefore, if the purchasing situation is prepared, their desire will quickly convert to action and they will purchase the product. This will consequently increase the sale rate.

Over the past few years, mega malls or hypermarkets have achieved a good position in Iran’s market and they have become the best locations for POS ads. In such places, due to the wide variety of products, customers may not notice some of the products in the shelves and a systematic BTL advertising can suddenly attract customers’ attention in suitable situations. Hyperstar is one of the first hypermarkets in Iran which has received good feedbacks from its customers. By the help and support of MAAT advertising and communicating agency it has the highest sale in Iran through point of sale methods.