Television And Radio


Although nowadays there is an advancement of technology and increase in new generations’ desire in to cyberspace, but television and radio are still the most popular platforms for advertising.

In TV advertisements the goal must be attracting attentions and maintaining viewers. Although it needs higher budget than other advertising tools but the advantage of this widespread media is the ability of covering a wide range of audiences with high reach and frequency which makes it affordable.

In compare to TV, radio is more accessible to various audiences and it does not need electricity, internet and tools such as television or computer. In radio advertising just like television, the sentences should be short and precise. It must be considered that people will quickly get bored by monotonous advertising and after sometime they can hear it but they do not listen anymore. Consequently, radio ads must be distinctive, attractive, and ear-catching in order to attract its audiences’ attention and create suitable and durable effect in audiences’ mind.

MAAT radio and television broadcasting group has the ability of providing all types of ads such as teasers, reportages, industrial films, logo commercials, subtitles, short films, etc. The most important part is measuring each method’s effectiveness which MAAT full-service advertising and communicating agency will provide it by using different measuring tools such as ABC, MRV, TGI, etc. and will always monitor the advertisement’s performance. MAAT radio and television broadcasting group with several years’ of experience, is committed to recognize market and customers’ needs in order to suggests in different contexts. This section will anticipate the time, media, cost, and method of any product or service to increase the effectiveness and attracting more attentions.