How to secure your business in Iran’s marketplace through best media planning?

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In advertising and marketing field, media is the communication channel between brands and their customers. Media carries the companies messages to the intended audience and can add meaning to the message. Media planning is one of the most essential strategies used by advertising agencies to help brands and companies in promoting their products effectively. Media planning provides the best possible plan to reduce the cost, time and the effort needed for budgeting. It helps to find the best and most effective methods of advertising in order to improve the brand image and its credibility. It also increases the level of satisfaction among customers.


Iran is a gold rush for global business. It is an ideal country for successful marketing endeavors. There are many entrepreneurs, investors and executives in the technology industry with roots in Iran. The key to successful business is to choose the suitable media wisely within the best and shortest time by the advertising company. Maat holding is one of the top advertising agencies in Iran and internationally recognized by well-known top brands. It helps, counsels and guides international brands to make the best decisions upon entering into Iran’s marketplace. The expert team in Maat, has an absolute insight of people in Iran. They know the customer’s preferences and how it varies according to their age, gender, educational and cultural backgrounds, occupation and etc. Maat full service agency uses the most appropriate and efficient strategies to guide companies realizing the effectiveness of their advertisement.


Maat advertising agency provides the best tools and methods of advertising in Iran to convey company’s messages and promote their goods within the shortest time possible. Maat advertising agency has the most experienced team with a strong body of knowledge and skills to provide the most suitable advertising packages to companies. This team utilizes a strong market plan to design the best media planning for brand and companies according to international advertising guidelines.

The process of media planning:

– Data collection and market analysis: One of the advantages of partnering with top advertising agencies such as Maat MarCom agency is their limitless access to valid and valuable data resources. Our resourceful team, will gather data from valid governmental and non-governmental resources regarding target audience. They also provide market analysis through observation, survey, focus groups, products testing and etc.

– Establish Objectives: In this stage, the team’s focus is on reach, frequency, continuity, cost, and weight of advertisement. They set the objectives by considering the methods of influencing target audience and create long lasting effect in their mind.

– Determining media strategies: Maat agency helps you to choose the best strategy considering company’s budget and preference of target audience in Iran. These creative strategic plans are flexible and able to change with the changing trends in Iran marketplace. we can predict and act on these changes with vast amount of valid data from the market.

– Implementation of media plan: At this stage, a mixture of popular media vehicles among Iranians are being used; considering reasonable reach and frequency along with seasonal, periodical and steady pulses to target market. Our professional team will constantly monitor the performance of the advertisement and its effectiveness among target audience.

– Evaluation and follow up: Last but not least, evaluation is an essential part of this process because it helps to find problems and obstacles. It helps improving in action and be more efficient. If any problem could be detected during quality assurance process, we would be able to introduce alternatives to improve the effectiveness of advertisements.

In Maat advertising agency, all of our members have been highly educated and expert in utilizing the best available programs in the world’s marketplace. By using the latest technology, foreseeing the future of marketplace and its changes, our team will develop the most effective and flexible media planning to achieve all your objectives. We are aiming for a long lasting partnership. Therefore, your satisfaction and trust is very important to us. In Maat, we guarantee maximum possible profit and return of marketing investments for the respective brands and companies.  Maat holding is one of the best advertising agencies in Iran where you can find a secure path in Iran’s marketplace for your business.