E-commerce in Iran’s market

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E-commerce in Iran’s market

Nowadays, technology has become an important part of our personal lives and we are highly dependent on it. Technology advancement is a complex phenomenon which also involves society and science. This advancement has occurred in years and subsequently has changed people’s lifestyle including their shopping, communication, learning and business style.

The advancement in technology has brought businesses and companies to a whole new level which helps them to save time, cost and energy. This does not mean that they should just follow the trends but also to adapt to the new methods of marketing to increase their sales rate and customers’ satisfaction level. Therefore, one of the main requirements for branding and brand development is to advertise and sell products via the internet. Transacting and facilitating businesses via the internet is quite new in Iran and it is developing very fast. Marketing and advertising agencies can help brands and companies to step into e-commerce world safe and confident.

Nowadays, almost everyone has access to the internet and they prefer to sell and buy their stuff on the internet. This has influenced people by bringing new risks as well as benefits to their lives. The advantages of e-commerce are:

• Cost-effectiveness
• Easy to find products
• Time saving
• Lots of Information for customers
• Available all day
• Eliminates geographical limitations

E-commerce is advancing very fast in Iran’s market. Some of the successful online businesses in Iran are mentioned in the table below:

Name Product category
Digikala Household items, fashion, electronic and etc.
Rokoland FMCG products
Snapp Transportation services
Tiwall Tickets, books and etc.


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