Brand Activation

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People usually tend to trust in old and well-known brands rather than the younger ones. When a brand releases the first batch of its products, it is completely unknown and unfamiliar to the public; What made those brands popular and trustworthy is the way they have approached people as well as their goods’ quality. Brand activation is an approach to create a long-term and a positive perception in customers’ mind and to create interest and engagement to the product. Subsequently, at the end will pursue customers to try and purchase the product. Nowadays, many brands use brand activation methods in order to attract customers to their product because it is highly efficient and economically beneficial to the company and its customers.

MAAT advertising agency, as one of the top advertising agencies in Iran, will strategize its marketing plans in a way to figure out the unique features and the benefits of any product to create a strong emotional bond between brand and consumers in different ways. MAAT MarCom agency offers:

• Experiential marketing events: to create a special experience for customers in order to remember the brand as long as possible by customers’ participation through taste, touch, and emotions. One of the most creative and involving events held by MAAT advertising agency was in Arg shopping center for “Pril” brand.



• Marketing through promotions: to increase awareness regarding the brand and subsequently, increase sales rate through sponsoring, executions, marvelous campaigns, events, sampling and etc. Macan digital advertising agency with the cooperation of MAAT advertising agency prepared 20 vans for Huawei nova 2 Plus campaign to go all around the city of Tehran and Mazandaran to promote and involve people in this campaign.



• In-store retail marketing: to help customers’ change their preferences on the respective brand through establishing stands, decorating the stores with ads and testing products on spot. Hyperstar shopping mall is one of the largest and the most famous shop with branches all around Iran which they sell groceries and household items. MAAT advertising agency exclusively holds the marketing and advertising plans and has offered and prepared all their advertising media such as arcs, display screens, back-light boards and etc. to promote different brands.


The key principle to brand activation is to implant the desire and demand for the product at the right time and right place in strategic ways to not only motivate customers to try and purchase the product but also to create loyalty and trust. The advantage of brand activation is while people are trying the product on spot, they can give feedback for improvement. It can also enhance the brand image and its product in consumers’ mind, especially in youngsters. It is a great alternative for expensive and traditional methods of advertising such as TVC and billboards.

MAAT full-service advertising agency is one of the best advertising agencies in Iran with a great professional team which is aware of Iranian lifestyle, taste, and preferences as well as the Iranian market demands. MAAT MarCom agency has an immense knowledge and insight on the target audiences in Iran which can help brands and companies to choose the best way of impacting and influencing their audiences with minimum budget, time and effort.