Automobile industry is one of industries that will get the most profit out of lifting Iran sanctions. So German automaker Daimler plans a quick return to Iran. Daimler and Iran Khodro Diesel which is a subsidiary of Iran Khodro Industrial Group will resume cooperation with each other. Iran Khodro Diesel is the largest vehicle manufacturer in Middle East and North Africa and it has 50 percent market share in Iran. Daimler owns some companies and the big automaker brands like Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG, and Smart. According to the collaboration, both parties established joint company and using their competitive advantages will make a commercial pole in the MENA. As a matter of fact, Benz and Iran Khodro had long term cooperation but Iran Khodro CEO claims that Iran Khodro will have a different approach for new international collaborations rather than before. Daimler claims, in spite of financial sanctions, Iran was one of the financials in Middle East countries with GDP of $415 billion in 2014. As expressed by Daimler, the first Mercedes-Benz trucks which are named Actros and Axor can be produced and supplied in Iran before New Year. In addition, Daimler intends to strengthen its place in Iran market and wants to make all sales activities and after sales services professional with a joint venture in sale context. Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel said the revival of trade “gives us the opportunity to open a new chapter in German-Iranian trade ties”. Actually every business capture the importance of advertising in any industry and it is obvious that all markets in any country have their own laws and strategic key factors. In order to overcome such significant and imperceptible challenges, using native consultancy is a smart choice. Using the help of advertising and marketing agencies which are familiar with local market and territorial laws would pave the way for businesses. Consequently, Maat full service advertising agency which is paramount advertising agency in Iran would be a good consultant for new entrance businesses. Maat MARCOM agency with having holistic media in advertising field also could thoroughly a business.