MAAT shined in the 3rd Iranian Advertising Festival

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Iranian advertising festival can be considered as one of the biggest competitive events among Iranian advertising agencies. The purpose of this festival is to discuss and evaluate Iranian advertisements over a year. The Iranian advertising festival strives to improve the advertising industry of Iran and also to promote creative advertising by using scientific and global standards.

This year, the third round of Iranian advertising festival was held to evaluate the best ads in terms of creativity, effectiveness and the right of customers’ choice. MAAT MarCom agency appeared quite bold in the Iranian advertising festival. It is more than 10 years since MAAT advertising agency has entered the world of advertising and throughout these years, MAAT MarCom agency has become one of the top advertising agencies in Iran. We are proud to be a family that every member will try their best toward success.

In this year’s festival, MAAT advertising agency owned quite a number of golden and silver Falcons as well as few diplomas of honors. MAAT full-service advertising agency was nominated for 13 awards. It should be noted that in the field of cultural advertising films, there were no other nominees except MAAT; this shows MAAT agency’s successful efforts in culture-building practices and CSR activities.

MAAT full-service advertising agency owned 4 golden falcons, 2 silver falcons and 4 diplomas of honor in this festival:

  • Golden Falcon for 360 Degree Campaign (Huawei- Nova2Plus project)
  • Golden Falcon for 360 Degree Campaign (Day Bank)
  • Golden Falcon for Cultural Advertising Film (Melal Bank- Kidney sales)
  • Golden Falcon for OOH Advertising (Day Bank)
  • Silver Falcon for Cultural Advertising Film (Henkel-Poorly Supervised Women)
  • Silver Falcon for Promoting Sales (Huawei- Mate 10 Project)
  • Diploma of Honor for Cultural Advertising Film (Melal Bank- Organ Donation)
  • Diploma of Honor for Direct Advertisements and Personal Salespersons (Henkel-Van Roadshow)
  • Diploma of Honor for Brand Design, Branding and Visual Identity (Barez Tire)
  • Diploma of Honor for Digital Advertising (Henkel- Maria Dishy)

We are honored to hold the title of “pioneer in innovation and building culture”. We have finished this year with a great success and we will strive to meet our long-term goals; because we believe that we are able to change the advertising industry via creativity and strategic thinking. We strive to take a step forward for the advancement of the Iranian advertising industry with professional activities in the world of advertising and marketing in Iran.