Multi-generational Marketing in Iran

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When you walk on a crowded street, most probably you will notice all generations on that street. Each generation has its own unique features, characteristics, and perceptions. Obviously, it is an absolutely difficult task to create an environment or an entertainment to impact all generations at once. Accordingly, brands and companies face multi-generational consumers and top advertising agencies in Iran offer foreign and local brands to use multi-generational marketing approaches to attract all generations’ attention. Multi-generational marketing is a practice to consider all generations’ needs, demands and behaviors. Not all generations are alike, nor should they be approached the same way. Therefore, it is essential to know more about generations’ characteristics and the way of marketing and advertising approaches.

Generally, there are 6 categories of generations but we have decided to only talk about 4 of them (baby boomers, generation X, Y, and Z) due to highest reach and frequency of ads among them.

Baby boomers are senior citizens whom they are born from 1946-1964 after World War 2 such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gate, Donald trump and etc. Baby boomers were born during hard times. Subsequently, they recovered from war’s hardships and they experienced betterment in economic aspects. Many of them are now retired and staying at home. They need reasonable ads that offer little changes with instant improvement. They may know how to use cell phones but their technological knowledge is limited and lower than other generations. Among people of this generation, TV advertisements are still the most effective and popular way of advertising.

Generation X is after baby boomers from mid-1960’s to early 1980’s. Generation X is more diverse and open to changes. They have learned to be open minded regarding different races, religions, ethnicities and sexual orientations; Such as David Cameron, Adam Sandler, Gordon Ramsey, Jennifer Lopez, Asghar Farhadi and etc. These people are hard to be found due to their hectic schedule of house works and shopping for their house and children. Thus, TV ads are not very attractive to them. According to researches done on this generation, they were more responsive to direct communications and advertising methods such as BTL and point of purchase. However, according to research gate, TV ads still can affect Gen X more than Gen Y.

Generation Y is after generation X from 1980’s to 2006; they are also called Millennials. This generation has experienced a technological revolution. They have mostly grown up with technology. They are always online and connected 24/7; Such as Adele, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Taraneh Alidoosti and etc. They are counted as the newest and the main target audiences for brands and companies with higher purchase power due to their knowledge and education as well as their large population. For this reason, top advertising agencies in Iran will invest on this generation for advertising and marketing purposes. The best and easiest way to approach them is through social media because they have developed immunity to TV ads. However, they are very difficult to reach because they are impatient and very prone to skip ads, banners, and commercials. Therefore, advertising agencies need to use a strategic approach to not just tell them why a specific brand is great but to create an opportunity to involve them through a content to attract them immediately.

Generation Z is after Generation Y since 2006 till today. They are Gen Y and X children. They are born with technology and they are more advance in technical aspects. They like high technological communications which are face to faces such as Skype, FaceTime, and SnapChat. According to Adweek, Generation Z’s favorite media is YouTube. There is not much of data about this generation since they have not been living long yet but we are sure they are unique on their own too.

Looking at generations, they are also affected by their culture and norms of the country they’ve been growing in. In other words, Generation is not the only factor influencing the marketing approach but gender, culture, race and etc. will also affect the approaching methods. Therefore, for starting a successful business in Iran, brands and companies need to build a strong body of knowledge regarding each generation to impact them effectively and also they need consultations from best advertising agencies to recognize the best way of influencing people of each generation. Iran is an ancient country with a strong cultural background and specific morals and values. MAAT advertising agency is one of the best advertising agencies in Iran with the best professional team, to help brands and companies establishing their businesses. MAAT full-service agency with a great insight on people in Iran, their characteristics, beliefs, and habits, helps local and foreign brands to know more about Iranians and the Iranian market demands for more effective approaches.