The Matter of Code Switching in Managing Globally 

By in Marketing

Among technologies, the internet of things has gained the most attention recently. Globalization removes businesses borders and also dispels hardness of communication. Actually, World Wide Web expands businesses context, consequently it develops so many aspects of trades and businesses especially in Iran which is after lifting sanction become one of the most strategic business point in Middle East. The customized economic, legal, cultural, and etc. regulations and barriers cause all the companies understand the necessity of global communication. As it is mentioned in our other post, there are some special and different cultural and even religious regulations in Iran.

According to experts, characteristics like self-awareness, self-respect, interaction, empathy, adaptability, initiative, and acceptance are considered as key factors for effective communication. Indeed, globally communication requires principle more than those above which is cross-cultural code switching. There is a big risk in communicating with unknown cultures; it is the risk of misunderstanding. Code switching occurs when partners interacting with each other with their non-native languages. Code switching is defined as “the act of purposefully modifying one’s behavior in an interaction in a foreign setting in order to accommodate different cultural norms for appropriate behavior”.

In fact, having fluency in cultures can be obtained by adapting to foreign behavior. Accordingly, adaptation takes place when a person is acting, thinking, and speaking outside his own cultural background. For performing code switching there are some specific steps:

  1. Investigating and analyzing challenges you may encounter
  2. There should be adaptation in behavior in order to decreasing the discomforts.
    The adjustment should be meaningful and appropriate even if it is small. In the point of fact, it is better to choose adaptation behaviors which are mix of two cultures.
  3. The next is conceiving the value of code switching. It should be concentrated on the suitable results which line up your values.
  4. At the end, it is so good if you look at your code switching from the perspective of the other culture instead of behaving so exclusively through your own lens.

For being a real global manager and leader learning, code switching can be a crucial point. Undoubtedly, code switching will release emotional inspirations and for downsizing these cross cultural arousals, it is suggested to adapt the unknown cultures, norms, and behaviors by the help of local agencies. Certainly, Iran has its own definite cultures and foreign businessmen needs to taking over these personal and contextual variables which can be time consuming or even couldn’t be reached holistically at the end. It’s been highly recommended to outsource for such applications in order to increase the pace of your business activities. For this purpose Maat full service marketing and advertising agency is one of the top consultancy agencies in Iran which could be helpful and supportive in solving these issues. Actually, Maat advertising agency reveals Iran’s local personal values for any kind of businesses which are originated from cultural environment of Iran and therefore can be beneficial for launching and executing a business so wisely. As it is obvious Maat Marcom agency located in Iran and has comprehensive cultural knowledge of Iran. Maat marketing and advertising agency will share its worthwhile cultural knowledge with any of its clients. Another service that Maat marketing and communicating agency can provide in cultural context is interpreting all the possible cultural messages for effective communication in the business context of Iran. Maat media agency as a paramount media and advertising agency can mediate emotional and psychological impacts of code switching. Accordingly, Maat Marcom agency can predict cultural threats you may face in your business and would take the risk of performing difficulties in a cross cultural business context. It is better to mention that Maat advertising and communicating agency would analyze Iran’s cultural identities for your specific business and would pave the way of entering in Iran for foreign business  in order to interacting and communicating.