• Multi-generational Marketing in Iran

    When you walk on a crowded street, most probably you will notice all generations on that street. Each generation has its own unique features, characteristics, and perceptions. Obviously, it is an absolutely difficult task to create an environment or an entertainment to impact all generations at once. Accordingly, brands and…

  • The Matter of Code Switching in Managing Globally 

    Among technologies, the internet of things has gained the most attention recently. Globalization removes businesses borders and also dispels hardness of communication. Actually, World Wide Web expands businesses context, consequently it develops so many aspects of trades and businesses especially in Iran which is after lifting sanction become one of…

  • What are the main characteristics of successful advertising agencies in Iran

    Choosing a marketing and advertising agency in a new country in order to help your organization to reach its short and long term business goals is not always a simple decision to make. There might be numerous options available, but finding the best marketing agency in that specific area is the most…




Digital Marketing


  • E-commerce-in-Iran-market

    E-commerce in Iran’s market

    E-commerce in Iran’s market Nowadays, technology has become an important part of our personal lives and we are highly dependent on it. Technology advancement is a complex phenomenon which also involves society and science. This advancement has occurred in years and subsequently has changed people’s lifestyle including their shopping, communication,…

  • MAAT MARCOM AGENCY now in Canada

    MAAT MARCOM AGENCY is taking pride now to announce taking its presence and services to a whole new region; North America! To realize its corporate vision and in order to cater a novel professional service to its valuable clients globally, MAAT MARCOM AGENCY is here now to take it with…

  • Dove Video

    Case Study: Dove- “Tell Her She is Beautiful”

    Since Unilever has been presenting in Iran’s market, it has started to advertise its products in Iran too. Dove as one of the most famous brand with a wide range of personal care products, belongs to Unilever. Dove always aims to deliver products which tangibly improve the condition of skin…





  • Brand Activation

    Brand Activation

    People usually tend to trust in old and well-known brands rather than the younger ones. When a brand releases the first batch of its products, it is completely unknown and unfamiliar to the public; What made those brands popular and trustworthy is the way they have approached people as well…

  • How FMCG Distribution Channels Strategies will be unlocked in Iran

    According to marketing experts, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) is the most disloyal industry among customers. Take in to the consideration, advertising bombardments around us are the proof of this claim. Inspiring Ads encourage consumers to buy products but people get bored and tired of the tons of ads that they…

  • هویت سازمانی و هویت برند

    Daimler Plans Quick Returns To Iran

    Automobile industry is one of industries that will get the most profit out of lifting Iran sanctions. So German automaker Daimler plans a quick return to Iran. Daimler and Iran Khodro Diesel which is a subsidiary of Iran Khodro Industrial Group will resume cooperation with each other. Iran Khodro Diesel…





  • Golden-Cup

    MAAT shined in the 3rd Iranian Advertising Festival

    Iranian advertising festival can be considered as one of the biggest competitive events among Iranian advertising agencies. The purpose of this festival is to discuss and evaluate Iranian advertisements over a year. The Iranian advertising festival strives to improve the advertising industry of Iran and also to promote creative advertising…

  • Optimized Relationship With Your Clients

    Volney B. Palmer (1799-1864): The Nation’s First Advertising Agency Man , He was laying the foundations for his advertising agency at this time , he did not yet consider himself an ‘ advertising agent . ’ Worker on behalf of other businesses was not yet his concern . Instead ,…

  • Internal Marketing At Maat

    According to the customer satisfaction theory , consumer satisfaction can be affected by employee attitudes even if they wanted or needed to buy products. Companies have found that in order to maintain competitive advantage they have to create duplicate relationship between their employees and customers . If the company wants…